With the arrival of hurricane season comes the threat of high winds, hail and heavy rains. A hurricane can cause severe damage, especially to windows in the home. If there is a threat of a hurricane, then it is important to board your windows to protect them from the high winds. Wooden boards and plastic [...]

Why install hurricane-resistant windows? Why not protect your family and your possessions from the elements. Living in a coastal region such as Sarasota, you are subject to violent surges in nature, and having the best possible protection for home is paramount. What better way to keep your home secure than with an attractive custom window [...]

If you have a remodel project at your home, then let Grayhawk help in the design. We can give you ideas on what might look best for your home and where you can put windows, doors and other items that you might not consider. Here at the company, we have items that you can look [...]

Protect your home from the outside forces by letting us install impact resistant doors and windows. These work well in our Sarasota, Bradenton and Venice area homes that are impacted by hurricanes and tropical storms during the season. Feeling safe and secure during a natural disaster is key. We strive to protect your home from [...]

Hurricane Season: Grayhawk Windows Enhance Protection Old windows dramatically compromise the structural integrity of a home. During an intense thunderstorm or hurricane, a window becomes one of the vulnerable entry points to the home. If any of the windows become damaged during the storm, the interior of the home is also susceptible to being defaced [...]

Keeping your home clean can be a difficult task – it certainly is for me. Sometimes it seems no matter how often you dust or vacuum, things just seem to pile up. I found one way to minimize the dirt, though. We got all-new Grayhawk windows and doors in our house. I’d heard that they [...]

Homeowners who are concerned about the rising costs of their heating and cooling bills might want to consider installing new windows in their home. Many of the new windows on the market are energy efficient and will help to retain heat during the winter and a cooler, more comfortable temperature during the summer. Generally speaking, [...]

Florida is a beautiful state. One of its main advantages, its weather, comes with a bit of a risk: hurricanes. While natural disasters can happen in almost any region of the United States, few occur as frequently as hurricanes do in the Sunshine State. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep your home [...]

As a resident of Florida, you know how damaging a hurricane can be. One of the best ways to protect your home is with hurricane windows, also known as impact windows. Hurricane windows provide the best protection from wind borne debris and will keep the structure of your home safe. Grayhawk offers insulated impact glass, [...]

Low emissivity windows (low e insulated windows) are perfect for several reasons. Not only are they easier on your pocketbook than other window options, but they also reduce noise drastically. You also have the option for tinting the glass, making it extremely difficult for those outside of the home to see inside during the daytime. [...]