Are your windows in need of replacement?


Window replacements aren't just for broken glass. What a lot of people don't realize is that glass is actually not technically considered a solid, but a very, very thick and slow moving liquid. This sounds strange, but when you take a look at antiquated windows, you can see that glass does not stay in a solid, flat shape, but rather, slowly oozes down.
The glass at the bottom of an older window will be noticeably thicker than the glass at the top. Glass does not typically age well, and you may need to replace it now and then in order to keep it from breaking easily.
There are other reasons to replace your window, as well. For instance, you may find that the window facing the sunrise lets in a little too much light and you may wish to replace it with specially treated glass, or you might wish to replace a cheap window that is always rattling when cars pass with a thicker plate glass window.
In any event, it's a good idea to replace windows whenever they are simply not up to par. If they are not solid enough, getting too old and fragile or simply not of the right style, swapping it out with a new piece of glass can be surprisingly affordable and can help you to build the home you've always wanted.
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