Benefits of Sealed Windows

New windows are key to improving the comfort level in your home. New windows with an improved seal prevent dust and other debris from entering your home, keeping your furniture, rugs, and artwork looking brand new. The improved insulation that new windows provides protects you and your home from the hottest summers to the coldest [...]

Saving energy this winter, even in Florida

If you have old windows that have cracks or breaks in the plastic, aluminum or rubber seals then you are “throwing money out the window.” These problem arise from many different things, weather, age and more and can cause you to have higher than expected energy bills in the long run. Grayhawk can help you [...]

Getting Hurricane Shutters Installed

Getting Hurricane Shutters Installed If you are living in the Sarasota or Bradenton areas of Florida, you already know how common it is for your home to be hit by a hurricane. Without the proper protection and prevention, your home can be damaged and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs alone. If you do [...]

Ways to protect your windows

Because you never know when a tropical storm or hurricane may strike, it is extremely important to ensure that your doors and windows are prepared for the wind that these storms may throw at them. High winds can cause extreme damage to your property, especially to the doors and windows. By protecting these areas of [...]

Storms are ravishing Florida

The afternoon storms are in full force in Florida and if your home isn’t prepared for these, image the devastation that could occur in a major catastrophe… Your doors and windows are expected to take the brunt of a storm, but if they have not been replaced in several years they could fail in even [...]

Do your windows need replaced?

Is it time for new windows? Are you looking for an attractive addition to your home that will also be easier to clean? Look no further than Grayhawk windows at When you go with Grayhawk windows from, you can rest assured that you will have quality and style all in one package. Choose [...]

Tropical Low in The Gulf of Mexico

Our first wave of tropical weather has been hitting the Gulf Coast of Florida this week and is reminder to all of us living on the Gulf to be prepared for any foul weather that may occur. June 1 was the official start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season so you should be prepared.  At Grayhawk [...]

Now is the time to prepare for the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season in Florida

The Importance Advanced Prepping for Hurricane Season The only good thing about hurricane season is that it is predictable. It starts in June every year, but people are still seen scrambling for supplies last minute when a storm is about to hit. The last place anybody should be before a storm is out on the [...]

Hurricane Ready

The National Weather Service has predicted a number of violent storms for the Gulf Coast in 2013. There are a total of eighteen tropical storms predicted for this area this year, and half of these will be hurricanes. This means that a number of Floridians will have to protect their homes from these potentially violent [...]

Benefits of Automatic Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane season along the Atlantic Coast officially begins June 1 and lasts through November 30. Homeowners who want to secure their properties as thoroughly as possible against hurricane damage should consider the benefits of installing automatic hurricane shutters.   Many homeowners prefer automatic hurricane shutters because their appearance does not overwhelm the existing décor of [...]