"Appreciate your getting job done for me - especially finishing the door for me. I am very happy with the job now that it is completed."

Alan Ackerman

August 20, 2010

"Dear Sir:

I want to commend you on the excellent employees you have in Don and Steve who installed our new shutters today. They are not only capable and friendly but showed how to adjust them for hurricane times

Thank you,"

Virginia Shotwell

December 21, 2009

"Dear Mr. Shely:

I'm writing this to let you know how happy I am with my new Impact windows. They are really beautiful and I'm enjoying them a lot. The seem to reduce outside noise a lot & my home is easier to keep cool.

The job was completed 6/19/08 and 6/20/08 I had an attempted breakin by way of the kitchen windows. I had been gone fro home about 5hours & when I returned about 1pm. I noticed the screen on the kitchen window was bent out of shape, but still in the frame, except for a few areas & it could not be removed fro outside the house.

I called 911 and a deputy sheriff responded. She checked all the windows from outside and found one room screen tampered with on top & bottom areas. On one of these areas, she thinks one of the security latches wasn't pushed in completely because a small hand pushed in between the screen and glass to slide the window open. No luck, because the windows were in locked position. She found many fingerprints & hand prints.

I said to Deputy, I'm very upset & stressed, that my home might have been violated by these intruders. She said your windows provide all the security you need. Keep the doors & windows locked and you'll be fine. She was right. I felt very protected by the impact windows and had a good night's sleep.

Reading in the brochure about security and other features is one thing, experienceing these qualities is really comforting and makes me happy I have them.

You can use my remarks as a satisfied customer in any way you wish.

Thank you also for helping me with the my safe Fla. Home paper works. You made it so easy to understand



Agnes Kay Hamilton

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