First Class Selection of Windows for your Sarasota Home Remodeling or Addition Project

Custom-Built Windows

Why custom-built replacement windows?

Custom-built windows are an excellent investment for the money conscious homeowner. Made from the highest quality insulated plastic and vinyl, our custom-built windows are economically designed to save money in heating and cooling costs. Plus, with federal incentives, replacement windows are more affordable than ever!

Whether your choice is vinyl, aluminum, or wood, custom designed windows come with endless design possibilities. Custom-built windows can suit any plan, while adding character to your home. We also offer multiple window options such as casement, awning, and sliding styles. With Grayhawk the possibilities are endless! Can’t decide on a design? We offer in-house design consultants to assist you in making the perfect window-choice for your home!

The time is now to make this investment! So call us NOW to schedule a free, no-obligation in- home demonstration today, and say “yes” to adding an affordable and timeless aesthetic to your home!

5 Benefits of Installing Insulated Impact Glass Windows

  • Immediate Protection from Hurricanes- Protecting your home has never been easier! With impact glass windows you can rest assured that your home and its precious contents will be secure from the worst weather Florida has to offer.
  • Protection from Burglary and Vandalism- The same impact-resistant glass that protects your home from weather inflicted damage also provides protection against intruders, thieves, and vandals.
  • Noise Reduction- Grayhawk windows and doors act as a sound barrier, reducing 50% of outside noise.
  • Energy Savings- Laminated glass, used in impact windows and doors, blocks 98% of harmful rays, protecting your furniture, rugs, artwork, and most importantly, your family! This feature also reduces energy costs up to 30%.
  • Value- The installation of insulated impact windows and doors maintains historic returns of 125.3% to 163.3%.

Grayhawk Windows Systems is an authorized dealer of the world's leading window manufacturers. From Andersen, to Jeld-Wen, you can purchase windows at below retail prices with Grayhawk.

Besides saving money on your home or commercial property remodel, Grayhawk Windows offers you complete systems with the following benefits:

  • High Impact Windows which can withstand sustained winds up to 180 mph (that's higher than a Category 5 Hurricane!)
  • Energy Star Approved $1500 Tax Credit (call for more details)
  • From luxury to budget-friendly, all styles of windows are available
  • Coastal Maintenance Free Design
  • Read below for more High Impact & Custom Window benefits!

Impact Resistant Windows

Insulated Impact Glass:
Insulated impact glass is composed of a piece of heavy polyvinyl butyric plastic, sandwiched between two pieces of double-strength glass. This laminated glass is then combined with another piece of double-strength tempered glass to form an insulated glass unit. The entire unit is sealed together to form a strong, impact resistant bond, which is then glazed into the sash to hold the glass to the frame. The glazing process uses a structural back bedding system to ensure the entire unit passes impact tests.

When selecting windows for your home, the key to saving money is choosing the right window installer. If you'd like to join the thousands of homeowners in Sarasota who installed first-class windows at a great price, call Grayhawk Windows Systems today. Get your free design and window installation quote. Contact us online or call today at (941)487.2964.